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General Pest Treatment

Total Pest Control Care

General Pest Treatment

ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE with more than one pest?

Includes your combination of Four pest treatments from the Five common pests listed:

  • Ant
  • Wood Cockroaches
  • Webbing Spiders
  • Fly
  • Mosquitoes
KO PEST offers a comprehensive and multiple pest treatment which saves you time and money

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Full interior and Full exterior treatment
From $525.00+GST (1-2 bedroom home)
From $695.00+GST (3-4 bedroom home)
From $795.00+GST (5+ bedroom home)
Treatment comes with a 3 month warranty.
2Our service
Our technicians will firstly inspect your property to assess:
The level and scope of pest activity
The location of all main problem areas
The specific treatment plan for your individual home situation

We then carry out a full interior treatment and full exterior treatment using specialized high grade spray.
3Preparation & Aftercare
You will need to vacate your home for a minimum of 3 hours from the time the treatment is completed.

Your technician will cover surfaces, but please follow the instructions below:
* Cover or put food and cooking utensils away.
* Put clean dishes, tea towels and paper towels away.
* Put towels, toothbrushes & toilet paper away. Please have no laundry hanging out.
* Cover pillows, baby beds and other precious items.
* Cover or remove any fish or reptile tanks and turn the air supply off. This is important as our products will kill these creatures as they are cold blooded.
* Put away pet food and water bowls.

We strongly recommend the use of a heat pump (on dehumidify setting), ventilation system, dehumidifier or fan heater to speed up the drying process. When you re-enter the property, please open doors and windows to flush dampness out and ventilate rooms.

DO NOT REMOVE WEBS FOR 14 DAYS AFTER TREATMENT as this reduces the effectiveness of the spider treatment.
DO NOT VACUM FOR 7-10 DAYS as this will remove the product and reduce the effectiveness of the flea treatment.

Treat your pets for fleas.

* Wipe down all food preparation surfaces. We recommend using rubber gloves while doing this and being conscious of not rubbing your eyes until the gloves are removed.
* When removing webs DO NOT wash off. This will remove the treatment and allow spiders to return. We recommend brushing webs off.

Window cleaning
We treat all window frames which are important fly and spider resting areas. This may produce a light mist on window edges therefore window cleaning is best done AFTER the treatment.
KO PEST only uses original products from trustworthy researched based companies.
Combined with their correct application by our qualified and experienced technicians this makes it safe for adults, children, pregnancy, pets and the sensitivities accompanied with human health conditions.

Our internal and external treatments will always only use high grade selected products including products based on natural pyrethrums which are always professionally applied at a level that is safe.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch anytime.
Total Pest Control Care

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As a KO PEST customer you can save dollars

Total Pest Control Care

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    We treat your family home or business as if it were our own to ensure complete customer satisfaction,
    and if any pest problem returns under the warranty, we will retreat at no extra cost.